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Hanging Out the Purpose-Driven Shingle

Hanging Out The Purpose-Driven Shingle

78% of Americans now believe it is no longer acceptable for companies to just make money. They expect companies to be purpose driven and positively impact society as well.

Companies that lead with purpose will find it opens doors to an entirely new level of relationships. And purpose can be multifaceted. Americans feel there are many ways companies should express their purpose, whether that is investing in important social causes or connecting with consumers on the issues that matter most to them.

Brands should evaluate how they can uniquely share purpose in a
way that is authentic, not rhetorical. To do so, look beyond the basic function of your product to see the real life, day-to-day impact that you can have on people’s lives. Then find compelling ways to tell
that story.

Brands often partner with other organizations or influencers to gain favor and access to a potential group of fans. Businesses that take a purpose-driven approach will be rewarded with an entirely new level of consumer engagement — one that goes far beyond a product-based or transactional relationship. Businesses that lead with purpose can build deeper bonds with existing customers by engaging around shared interests about issues that matter. Companies need to identify, communicate and live their purpose to maintain relevance, trust and a competitive advantage.

Purpose is more than a trendy buzzword or shiny new tool in a marketer’s arsenal. If your brand truly means it and the purpose is authentic, it will lead to a way of doing business that is deeply embedded into your operating principles, as well as how the brand experience is delivered. The next step is how to tell your story that will lead to more people choosing to trust you over other brands competing for their patronage.


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